Sunday, May 29, 2011

That's Not A Knife...

Well, the other Fire Warrior from my friend's collection that still remained intact with all of its gear was screaming at me to be painted.  So, to take a break from the painstaking monotony that is the digi-camo on the 'fish, I obliged.

The Fire Warrior in question was obviously what my friend had intended as the leader of the Fire Warrior team - what with his Bonding Knife and all.  So I thought it would be neat to bring his experience to the table (pun definitely intended).  He definitely fits the part, braving battle without a helmet!!!

The thing I really wanted to do with a team leader was make it distinct from the rest of its kin.  Fortunately, my friend already beat me to the punch.  He had built this guy with the helmet-less visage of a Tau warrior, which, to be honest, is nothing spectacular in an of itself... I mean... it is an option provided straight out of the box.  But, what was unique was that he had taken a helmet and placed it underneath the warrior's backpack as if it was hanging there ready to be grabbed and slid on his head.  I love this little added detail my amigo placed. and wanted to add to the figure's uniqueness.

I added to the models distinction by adding colored areas to its armor to give the illusion of pulling rank.  This guy is a leader and everyone should see it, right?  Since this army'sdistinctive color is yellow, I added yellow to the shield on the left shoulder, and on the visor on the helmet.

I also went ahead and based this guy and his unit buddy I painted back a year ago.

To base them, I used Fine Cinders ballast from Woodland Scenics for the dark, bare ground and Course Gray ballast for the rocks/rubble.  I am definitely going to expand on the basing techniques, but these guys were already o bases and I didn't want to remove them.  I bought a box of fire warriors recently, and I'll have some more detailed bases with what looks like city rubble... afterall, this is an urban Tau cadre.

Well, that's it for now.  Questions? Comments?  Leave them below!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Devilfish, Part Tertius, -a, -um

AS you can see from the previous post, I did some work on the 'fish this past weekend.  I've almost entirely finished one side of the transport.

Here are some details:

 I finished the work on theingine nacelles and even added the operational wear and weathering.

An overview of the body and one of the drones.

Now you can see the details and weathering up-close and personal.

So, what do you guys think?  Leave comments. More updates to come!!!!

I Return!!!!

So.... yeah.  It's been a YEAR since the last post.  Well, I was kind of off the 40K radar.  The devilfish was left in its previously pictured state.  NO MORE!!!