Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After researching the 40K universe, I have decided to go with a Tau force.  I like the look and feel of their army, as well as the high tech gadgetry they have (Helloooooo!!!  I’m an engineer!!!).  I alos like the fact that they aren’t a horde army willing to sacrifice countless grunts just to overwhelm an enemy.  They are an army that has a duty for each specific unit and desire to keep them alive… for, if one link is broken, the chain will fall apart.  They are tactical and precise.  An unforgiving army for beginners, yes, but one that definitely pushes one to learn the rules to better ones play skill.

Also factoring in is the fact that everyone and their brother seems to play either one of the Space Marine chapters or Orks.  Tyranids were my second choice, but are a little too horde-ish for my tastes at the moment.  I will probably make them my second army after I get through my Tau army, but that might be a loooooong while.

So, without further adieu…



Welcome to Mechanical Volition!!!   My little corner of the 40K blogosphere… 

I will begin with a little about myself.

I am a new inductee into the community of Warhammer 40K.  I was brought into the hobby by a dear friend of mine who shares in my Über-nerd-dom.   I love science-fiction and modeling, so it definitely wasn’t a stretch to get me into the hobby. 

I used to build model aircraft and sci-fi vehicles when I was in junior high and high school, but haven’t had the time since. Thus I fell away from the craft until now.  I also have a heavy background in art, painting and sketching being my areas of knowledge.  Throw in the fact that I am a degree holding Aerospace Engineer working on aircraft and you have quite a mix of skills that will definitely fuel my hobbying.

This will be my little project diary.  Any modeling or painting I do I will outline here for future reference, for myself as well as others.

I hope you enjoy your visit!!!