Wednesday, March 28, 2012

State of the Blog Address

Here we are, a quarter of the way through the year 2012.  The blog has been through some changes, but I have been through much bigger changes away from the blog.  A new place of residence kept me away from the paints for a while, but ultimately enabled me to have a dedicated place for the hobby.  I have been able to complete my first conversion.  I was even able to really look into how I present my models overall.  But, I must say that I have an even bigger change coming... 

...I am about to change places of employment. 

What does this have to do with the blog?  Not too much, but it has already been impacting it to a degree.  I promised myself that I would try to put at least two posts a week up for viewing.  I kept up that pace for a while.  When the new employment opportunity arose though, a lot of time was spent discussing the potentials with my wife and friends.  It also meant thinking time was needed.  For many, that would have involved busting out the paints.  For me, though, it means going back out into nature... and doing work in the new yard.  Thus, time was taken away from physical act of painting and assembling models.

My transition became official this week as I gave notice to my current employer.  The time leading up to that moment kept skewing more toward family and informing those around me of what I was about to do.  So, sorry for not putting those Fire Warrior pics up last week.  I'll put them up as soon as I can.  I promise.  Besides, I've got some Kroot begging me to put them into the action.

Not only did I use the time outside working the lawn to make an important decision for my family, but I was able to come up with some new ideas for the army as well.  Thus, expect to see some new takes on things when the blog picks up again in the coming weeks.

It's been a blast posting my work on this blog.  I have really enjoyed the feedback from others, and I hope to hear more from you guys.  I've also enjoyed having a visual reminder of how far I've come and how far I have to go.

A big thanks to Ron over at From the Warp as well.  It was an honor to have a post from this blog linked in a member spotlight post on that sight.

It's been a good three months for me.  The year of 2012 is revealing itself to be very promising.  I hope to continue enjoying it with the rest of the 40K blogging community.

Godspeed my friends.


  1. Hey where'd you go! Keep up the progress on your army!

    1. Sorry for having been absent for so long.

      I've been much more busy than I could have imagined. Haven't even touched my models in a while.

      I'll be back in the thick of it soon. No worries!