Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First (Minor) Conversion

I had bought some Green Stuff a while back and wanted to practice using it somehow.  I wanted to start by filling in gaps on some models, but never really got around to doing it.  Thus, I decided to use it on a FireWarrior conversion.  Specifically, I wanted to simply use it to adjust an arm position in order to adjust the look a bit. 

The model in question was this guy:

I had started a FireWarrior that was throwing a grenade.  As you can see, I was trying to use some of the bits that would provide a more dynamic pose.  The problem arises with the choice of the forward arm.  All of the hands on that side are positioned to hold weapons.  This causes most people to simply have that hand holding a weapon very awkwardly (by the "barrel" of the firearm) with the weightiest part (the "butt" of the rifle) hanging low.  That is a very unnatural position to put them in.  I wanted a more fluid lookking model.  What is one to do?

To start with, I chose this arm:

The arm is flailed out and bent, more like what you would expect from to see from the forward arm in a throwing motion.  But, the hand is still in that postion to support a weapon.  Ugh!  It is much more natural for the palm to face down.  So that had to change.


I cut the arm at the wrist so that I could rotate the hand and re-glue, using the Green Stuff to fill in the gap.  Here is the result:

It's very messy.  I've got a lot to learn on how to manipulate this stuff.  I then added the arm to the body along with the head... in an appropriate position of course!

You can see that I got a little sloppy sith the Green Stuff, but I quickly got all the excess off of the arm and the rest of the model.  After letting it dry a couple of days, I sanded all the mold lines and rough spots on the Green Stuff away.

"Wait, what about the weapon? You can't have a Fire Warrior without a weapon!"

Well, I'm glad you brought that up.  That ties into the base.  When I first did the base for the Fire Warrior (before the model as usual) I came up with this:

It's nice, and would have worked just fine.  But, once I decided to move the weapon out of the hand of the figure, I had to put it elsewhere... and by elsewhere I mean the base.  Thus began the preparation of a new base to aid the model in showcasing its weapon.

The result?

The Fire Warrior is still in its basecoat of Adeptus Battlegrey and doesn't have his shoulder plate added, but the base is completed.  The weapon sits propped up against a mangled pipe jutting from some debris.  Overall I think it turned out quite dynamic and unique.  I'll have to finish the Fire Warrior himself and update with the final picture.  Until then, here is a pick with it next to one of the older models.

The picture gives me a good excuse to point out the heavier contrast I am beginning to use.  If you look at the new Pulse Rifle versus that of the older model, you can see How much better it stands out.  I am definitely updating the troops with this technique.

So, there is part of what I have been up to in my spare time.  I'll do an upcoming post with the a group photo of the Fire Warrior unit thus far.  Also, I have some Pathfinders coming this way as well.

Tau'Va, everyone!!!

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