Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Basis of an Army and Delusions of Grandeur

Well, well, well.  What do you know.  I might actually have a playable army in the coming weeks.  Go figure.  All it took was...

...not letting myself get carried away with my goals for the future.

I am one of those people who go back and forth between passionate, emotion-filled dreamer and stone-cold, logical realist.  I usually start out as the former and end up as the latter.  It can take a while, though.

I recently went through a bout of this personal phenomena with my 40K army.  The dreams of what I want the army to eventually be were clouding my judgement as to what my army needed now.  I was quite literally (in the most figurative sense) trying to get my cart to pull my horse.


The war in my mind:

I want my Tau army to be something amazing.  Something not one person has ever seen before.  I want the shear awesomeness of my army to overshadow whatever flaws I have when playing the game.  I want this army to scream 'urban warfare.'  I want Gue'vesa units that I can either play independently or incorporated with the Tau.  I have all the parts and bits picked out and modifications outlined.  I'm ready for this.  Or am I?  

Wait.  I haven't even played more than one meaningful game.  I don't have the right units to fill out a Tau force org. chart.  I'm not even up on all the rules yet.  I'm going to start an army from scratch?  Really?

No.  I must stay the course.  I must be patient.  The dreams will come later.  For now, though, there is learning to be accomplished. 


Luckily I'm back to reality.  I bought some Kroot to fill that 2nd troop requirement.  I'll have to use that one battlesuit I am painting as a commander for now.

I am going to stop at 8 Fire Warriors for now so I can start getting some Kroot completed.  I really need a break from clean edges and digital camo.

I'll post a picture of the Fire Warriors together later this week and give a peak into what I'm doing with the Kroot.

Until then, may we all stay grounded and on the task at hand.

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